Personally talking I am a tech-savvy woman who has been always attracted to media resources. I come from an art-oriented family filled with musicians, painters, and poets. My oldest memories in some way all lead to art episodes. My mother taught me to draw and paint, my father taught me the love of music and I am drawn to photography as another artistic way to express myself. Is a passion to freeze time creating memories and preserve beautiful moments, architecture, nature, and people on images.

I am a passionate professional and a proud learner.  I got a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Perú and most of my life I have been going on and off between finances, sales, marketing, graphic design, and of course photography and music. In my last six years in Perú, I was part of the Price Waterhouse staff, here in America, I got my license as a Real Estate Agent but since never gave up on my passion I became a content creator, certified drone pilot, photographer, videographer and Adobe certified expert.